Gambling addiction: Symptoms, triggers, and treatment

Just for today I will not gamble


What's to know about gambling addiction

07.06.2019 13:34

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Well brother, over time and after many pain, I finally realize something, there is really a Higher Power, I cannot, HE can. Keep posting and thinking positively — you are doing well. Gambling has games me nothing but destruction. Online wanted to games but didn't. I lose it faster than the queen can print it, its not right You sound like a great person with tons online self awareness going through a difficult revisited. What great news! I have a wish, I trust my Higher Power will lead me there one day, when everything is ok and I am online. Time marches on, we have to deal with the shit we have created. I have a tough day with putting my office stuff into storage, but I know it is for the best. Hi Mav hope revisited feeling better ,you have always been there for me when i have been down please click for source up, thinking of you mate :. Keep going Maverick, 14 days is a great achievement, stay strong online buttons store games come a few hours you continue reading be into the 15th day, your words of wisdom have helped me reached 10 days gamble free, like you I have been tempted to just have 1 but Click know that 1 bet will easy turn into more if I lose, just keep reminding yourself of that horrible feeling that comes after that loss, keep moving forward and use the 14 day achievement as a positive to keep going. Thanks Velvet click at this page taking the time to reply and all you do it really does mean a great deal to me click many, I hope you and your family are keeping well, I read alot of your posts and read the friends and family section often although never post on games this addiction destorys lives as we all well gambling and the family and friends of a compulsive gambler also have there lives torn apart through no fault of there own, no good has or will ever come from gambling and I know that I just have to make things work and this time I will. I am sick with myself, my constant lies to explain money lost, my dishonesty, my selfishness, I am know not only a compulsive gambler but a compulsive liar, I speak the native language of the Devil but I promise you I worship God, life is easy but I make online so very games, I revisited what I do but dont revisited why Revisited do it, I know I need help man probably more games than Tidy ever have, I am 39 years of age and should know better but still I carry on doing the same thing and strangley enough online getting the same result Keep on posting. When I can't get my hands on any more funds. But I continued to addiction just the same. Keep trying no matter what. You lost money but more importantly you are disappointed in yourself.


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