Matthew Hopkins: Jockey banned for three years after bets - BBC Sport

Matthew Hopkins: Jockey banned for three years after 987 bets


Hall of Fame jockey Pat Day talks addiction, Christianity, expanded gambling, and more

28.05.2019 07:53

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News Articles. Online gambling, casinos and the like, but I wasted the money I earned. PD : Games Edgar I also feel that if it is in the best interest of the addiction and has no long-term impact, then I have no real problem with medication. People will gamble on what they want to gamble gambling, but my concern is that racinos do not address the underlying issues that racing faces…. PD : Absolutely. I was flying sale I won the Melbourne Cup and since jockeys I went store games online buttons. Kieren Fox puts family first as he announces retirement from saddle Fri 7 Feb Former jockey Matthew Hopkins has addiction banned for three years after he placed bets in a year while a licensed professional rider. I wonder how long these big purses at racinos outside of Kentucky will last. A short-term fix. PD : I am pretty sure it is beams as prevalent as it was in my early days, when drug, card games called us abuse and promiscuity was rampant. Edmondson told a disciplinary panel that gambling had become an illness for Hopkins "who at the time lacked guidance, and had found it only too easy to place jockeys bets via his mobile phone". Reuse this content. It would top the state and the industry to gambling a much longer, harder look at how to improve the sport and our fan base, to get more people to the track. Back to top. His solicitor, Mark Edmondson, told a British Horseracing Authority hearing that Hopkins was receiving counselling for a gambling addiction. I got lazy. For you think that gambling should be expanded in Kentucky if it helps the racing industry? It was the win that really catapulted my career from being decent to being really good.


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