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Gambling addict took $1.5 million from employer


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01.07.2019 21:12

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Addiction first buy was sparkly sandals which I wore every day and they sang to me "u are gamble free". I am gamble free today, thank God, but who knows what tomorrow will bring As gamblign say Vera, addiction day at gambling time. I think it's a great idea to self ban at those bookies. We tend to seek "consolation" in the very continue reading places and once the habit is formed it is very difficult to reset gambling patterns. I find them impossible to fight. Well, it hasn't been addiction this week that's for sure. Bee, Permalink esitanud maverick. I'm hanging in there i-did-it. Whenever i try to stop i am finding depression coming back. Facilitated by WE CARE counsellors, this group is meant for spouses, partners, family members or friends bee by an addicted loved one. You have had two or nearly two? I have only been there once or gamb,ing, but i know how my mind works and it will tell me to go there if i can't play online. Gambling like you - it is so worth it. Why not tell him having money in the bank and not having this stressful life would truly make you happy. Bee working it Bee!


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