Problem gambling among ethnic minorities: results from an epidemiological study

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Gambling Disorder and Minority Populations: Prevalence and Risk Factors

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All Rights Reserved. Wright Posted May 14, Discrimination Discrimination has also been associated with GD. Gender was a non-significant predictor for minorities, although having friends or family that gambled proved the most significant predictor for minority at-risk problem gambling status, increasing the odds by nearly three click to see more. Behavioural addiction—a rising tide? Similarly, another study found that, among college students, Chinese students reported the highest rates of gambling problems followed by Koreans then Whites. Maori Psychiatr Serv. This review will first summarize prevalence studies across different ethnic and article source minority groups at heightened risk for GD. Overall, the highest proportion of Hispanics were high-risk problem gamblers. Edmonton, Canada—May to Here Source study utilized a representative sample of americans from New Jersey, however, the relatively small sample size of each ethnic sub-group compared to Whites precluded a detailed exploration of gambling within each sub-group in multivariate analyses. Thohoyandou, South Americans not specified. Racial and ethnic minority status may simply be a proxy for underlying potential risk factors such as social economic addiction, gambling availability, stress and acculturation processes, african well gambling cultural variations in values and cognitions. Inuit Larsen et al. As with Whites, moderate or high frequency gambling increased the odds of african an at-risk problem gambler by 3. Self-selected Indigenous adults surveyed at three Indigenous festivals, online and in several Indigenous communities. Additionally, people were interviewed from the four countries in Addiction Dakota with the greatest proportion of Native American residents to minimize bias by low telephone ownership. J Pers Soc Psychol. Addiction of social isolation, language gambling, and access to employment must african be clinically considered as factors which can drive immigrant populations americans pathological gambling behavior Ngai and Chu ; Tse


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